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Accounting services for your business

Keeping accurate and timely accounting information is crucial to business success as the accounting information reflects the key financial status and operation results of entities. We offer professional monthly or yearly bookkeeping services and other accounting-related services such as designing chart of accounts, compilation of statutory financial statements and preparation of consolidated financial statements for a group of companies.

We can also provide professional services on specific projects, such as:

  • tidying up financial statements figures of a group of companies, which is essential for potential IPO or other special projects
  • support on accounting system set-up or migration, such as initial set up of chart of accounts, as well as inputting opening balances in new accounting system
  • designing and streamlining workflow on consolidation of financial statements for a group of companies, in order to significantly speed up the time required for preparing monthly consolidated financial statements
Fusion Certified Public Accountants accounting service

Yes, but you need to know some basic accounting concepts and terminologies, such as income statement, balance sheet and the double-entry bookkeeping system. If you do not have any idea, you can capture your business transactions in an excel file or our recommended software and then we can do the rest.

We can give you excel ready-to-use templates for you to record business transactions. For more advanced users, we recommend a simple accounting software which is easy to use even by people without any accounting knowledge.

We will perform the bookkeeping and present the income statement which shows the business performance, balance sheet which shows the position of assets and liabilities, as well as general ledger which shows the details breakdown of each account balance. We can also prepare tailor-made accounting schedules upon request.