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Part-time CFO

Part-time CFO for your business

The costs of having a full-time qualified accountant to handle the company’s financial matters are high. However, having accurate and timely financial information is extremely important for management to monitor performance and make sound business decisions, which is crucial to a company’s success and long-time sustainability. We have service specialist that had experience in “big-4” audit and served as CFO/Financial Controller/Finance Manager in Hong Kong private and listed companies in the past.

We offer part-time CFO/Financial Controller/Finance Manager service at affordable costs to help clients to take care of accounting work which requires advanced knowledge and experience, such as:

  • preparation of budget and cash flow forecast
  • write-up of financial analysis
  • preparation of presentation materials on financial results
  • review or compilation of consolidated financial statements for a group of companies
  • performance management – compare actual results to budget, identify variances and offer suggestions on improvement on performance
  • treasury management – preparation of cash flow summary and projection
  • preparation of proposals and cost effectiveness analysis for proposed new business
Fusion Certified Public Accountants part-time CFO

You will engage us in the capacity of external consultant instead of employee. Service agreement will be signed on agreed scope of services and the duration of service can be monthly, yearly or one-off basis tailored made to individual client’s circumstances.

You can enjoy the full scope of services of a professional accountant, but you do not need to pay market salaries and staff benefits like staff MPF (mandatory provident fund), insurance and annual leave. This flexibility will save you huge costs, and the expected costs of engaging us are much lower compared to the costs of hiring a full-time qualified accountant for the same work.

We will collect information and prepare the accounting materials in the agreed format within the agreed delivered date. Timely communication will be made to clients and ensure that they are satisfied with our services. Normally we will not station in client’s office although occasional visits or meetings may be made depending on the circumstances.